New Volunteer Tax Preparer Training

The resources linked on this page will guide you through the certification process if you are a new volunteer tax preparer. Training will be available both virtually and in person this year. If you have not already, complete your volunteer application, attend and orientation, and select your site preferences.

All new volunteer tax preparers will need to attend an orientation session. To register for an orientation session, hover over the green “Register for Classes” icon at the top of the screen and click on “New Tax Preparer Orientation.” In this session you will learn the next steps for becoming a volunteer.

The steps to becoming an IRS-certified Tax Preparer can be found below on this page, or in the New Volunteer Learning Map. The Learning Map also includes a “cheat sheet” to keep track of all of your usernames and passwords.

PDF: New Volunteer Learning Map

Getting Help

All volunteers will be able to get help by calling our Statewide Training Support Hotline at 844-925-4770 or using the Virtual Chatroom in the Moodle Course.

New Volunteers: Steps to Certification

Step-by-step guide to becoming an IRS-certified Volunteer with MFS-CASH Oregon 

Client Facilitators & Interpreters need to do steps 1-3, & 6-8. Intake Specialists & Tax Preparers need to do all steps.

Step How to Access Timeline  Notes
1 Attend an Orientation Session (All) 1. Log into your volunteer account 

2. Click  “Register for Classes”

3. Select “New Tax Preparer Orientation” and register


Available now

90 mins

– After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email and reminder email with information on how to join. 

– To reschedule, reply to the above emails.

2 Welcome Call (All) 1. You will receive a Welcome Call from a Volunteer Coordinator to talk about role and tax site  

1 week from Orientation


– This is a call to determine your preferred volunteer role and tax site .

– The next step after the call will be to connect you with your District Coordinator.

3 Pass IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct and Intake Interview Exams (All) 1. Review questions in IRS Pub 6744, beginning on pp. 11 and 19

2. Read IRS Pub 4961 and Pub 5101

3. Take Exams on IRS Link & Learn


Est. Mid-Nov.

1 – 4 hrs

– Ensure you are taking the TY 2022 Exams (not available as of 11/9)

– Review questions and prepare answers in advance. A passing grade is 80% or higher

– Be sure to update your Link & Learn account with your legal name and # of years volunteered

4 Complete the  Core Section of the 2022 Oregon Volunteer Tax Preparer Training Course (IS & TP Only) Online Option: 

1. Log into Moodle 

2. Start with the “Using Moodle” Section

3. Complete the Course

In-person option: 

1. Log into your volunteer account 

2. Click on “Register for Classes” 

3. Select the “New Volunteer Training” classes that work for you and register.


Online Available Nov 14th

In-person Start 

Nov 15th

30-60 hrs

– Be sure to complete each part of the course. 

– The course can be completed fully online, fully in-person, or in a hybrid model.

– For training support, you can call our Training Support Hotline at 844-925-4770

5 Pass IRS Advanced Exam (IS & TP Only) 1. Review questions in IRS Pub 6744, p. 68

2. Prepare answers on paper

3. Take Exam on IRS Link & Learn


Est. Mid-Nov.

3-5 hrs

– Make sure you review questions and prepare answers in advance. A passing grade is 80% or higher

– Refer to Moodle, & IRS Pubs 4012 and 4491

– Be sure to sign / send your Vol. Agreement

6 Send Volunteer Agreement to your District Coordinator (All 1. IRS Link & Learn Certification

2. Check the box on the right side of exams to sign your Vol Agreement

3. Be sure to use your legal name


After exams

10 mins

– Download your signed Volunteer Agreement – Email Vol. Agreement  to your District Coordinator.  
7 Site Walk-Through (All) 1. Your District Coordinator will reach

out to you to set this up. 



1-2 hrs

– You will learn more specifics about how tax

prep will work at your site or / virtually

8 Background Check (All)

Details to come

Check Back

– Check back for more later