Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Training

The resources linked on this page will guide you through the certification process if you are a returning volunteer tax counselor. Most of these steps are self-guided.

Returning volunteer training will be held online this year, with a potential option for in person courses in January 2023, if there is substantial interest. The online training will be largely self-paced and independently guided.

The steps to becoming an IRS-certified Tax Preparer can be found below on this page or in the Returning Volunteer Learning Map. The Learning Map also includes a “cheat sheet” to keep track of all of your usernames and passwords.

PDF: Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Learning Map

Additional Required Training for AARP Tax-Aide Volunteers

Volunteers that are serving in the AARP Tax-Aide program may need to complete additional LMS training through the AARP portal and practice problems. Check in with your District Coordinator about these additional requirements.

Getting Help

All volunteers will be able to get help by calling our Statewide Training Support Hotline at 844-925-4770 or using the Virtual Chatroom in the Moodle Course.

Returning Volunteers: Steps to Certification

Step How to Access Timeline  Notes
1 Email your District Coordinator letting them know you will volunteer this year. 1. Log into the CASH Volunteer System

2. Click “Who is my District Coordinator?” on the left.


5 mins.

– Your District Coordinator may have changed this year
2 Pass IRS Volunteer Standards of Conduct and Intake Interview Exams 1. Review questions in IRS Pub 6744, p. 11 and 19

2. Read IRS Pub 4961 and Pub 5101

3. Take Exams on Link & Learn

Available Now

1 – 4 hrs.

– Ensure you are taking the TY 2022 Exams

– Review questions and prepare answers in advance

– A passing grade is 80% or higher

– Be sure to update your Link & Learn account with your legal name and # of years volunteered

3 Review the TY 2021 Refresher Course in Moodle 1. Log into Moodle

2. Scroll to “Refresher for Experienced Volunteers

3. Complete Core Cases

Available now

2 – 6 hrs.

– Abbreviated versions of the TY 2021 Core Case Studies can be found in the Refresher

– This looks at 4 cases, Ames, Bautista, Cushing and Dodge

4 Watch “What’s New with IRS, DOR and TaxSlayer?” Presentation in Moodle 1. Log into Moodle

2. Scroll to “Refresher for Experienced Volunteers

3. Watch Presentation in “What’s New in TY 2022?”

Available Late-Dec.

2+ hrs.

– These materials will be updated as Oregon and federal tax law changes, and as changes are made to the TY 2022 TaxSlayer Software

– Not available as of 12/14/22

5 Complete the 2 TY 2022 cases in Moodle and TaxSlayer Practice Lab 1. Log into Moodle

2. Scroll to “Refresher for Experienced Volunteers

3. Complete TY 2022 Cases in 

TaxSlayer Practice Lab 

Available Late Dec.

2 – 4 hrs.

– There are 2 TY 2022 Cases, Grant & Hashimoto

– Not available as of 12/14/22

6 Pass IRS Advanced Exam and send Volunteer Agreement to District Coordinator 1. Review questions in IRS Pub 6744, p. 68

2. Prepare answers on paper

3. Take Exam on IRS Link & Learn

Available Now

4+ hrs

– Review questions and prepare answers in advance. A passing grade is 80% or higher

– Refer to Moodle, & IRS Pubs 4012 and 4491

– See tips here

– Send signed Volunteer Agreement to your district coordinator (Use your legal name)

7 Expand your tax knowledge 1. Log into Moodle

2. Take the Self-Assessment

3. Complete recommended courses, and more!

Available Now

1+ hrs

– The Moodle self-assessment will test your tax knowledge and recommend additional courses in Moodle to take based on your answers.
8 Background Check 1. Once you send in your Vol. Agreement, you will get an email with a link to do your background check 10 mins – This email will be from Sterling Volunteers.

– Create an account and enter your personal information.