Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Training

The resources linked to from this page will guide you through the certification process if you are a returning volunteer tax counselor. Most of these steps are self-guided. If you are a returning volunteer but have limited experience, you may want to consider taking the New Volunteer Training.

Registration is now open for volunteer tax preparer training courses. Training for Client Facilitators, Interpreters, and other volunteers will be available soon.

The Returning Volunteer Training page below is organized as follows:

1. Learning Map

2. Pathway Video

3. Support and Practice

4. Steps to Certification

5. Google Meet Resources


Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Learning Map

A one page, concise, printable reference to the certification steps together with a place to store your logins and passwords on page 2.

PDF: Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Learning Map


Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Pathway to Certification Video

A narrated PowerPoint presentation explaining the certification process.  Duration 9 minutes at regular speed.

Video: Pathway to Certification for Returning Volunteers


Support and Practice

Resources to help you if you have questions or get stuck in the process or if you want to practice what you learn.

Personal Support Hotline

If you are stuck at any point during the training process, you can call the Personal Support Hotline at 503.662.1183. The line will be staffed Mondays from 4PM to 7PM and Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11AM to 2PM. If you call outside of those hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will get back to you during the hotline hours or as available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Training Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Tax Aide Volunteer Support

You can access Oregon Tax Aide’s Volunteer Support at

TaxSlayer Practice Lab

You can practice what you learn using the TaxSlayer Practice Lab, Password: TRAINPROWEB

2020 IRS Publication 6744 Volunteer Test/Retest

Use this PDF to review and work test questions, if you wish.
2020 IRS Pub 6744

2020 IRS Publication 4012 Volunteer Resource Guide

Use this PDF to study for the Advanced Certification exam.

IRS Pub 4012


Steps to Certification


How to Access

Estimated Time to Complete

When can I start?

1. (Required) Email your District Coordinator that you will volunteer again this year.
5 minutes As soon as possible
2. (Required) Register for, study, and pass the first two IRS Exams (Volunteer Standards of Conduct and Intake/Interview & Quality Review)
IRS Link and Learn Home 1-4 hours Estimate 11/15/2020
3. (Required) Watch “What’s New” Information from the IRS, DOR, and TaxSlayer “What’s New” Syllabus 2 hours Available 10/26. Document will be updated as revisions are available.
4. (Required) Register for, study, and pass IRS Advanced Exam and send Volunteer Agreement to District Coordinator IRS Link and Learn Home

IRS Pub 4012

2-8 hours. Must be completed before 1/7/21. Mid-November (when TaxSlayer Practice Lab available)
5. (Required) Complete Practice Problems as assigned by your District Coordinator Practice Problems 2-4 hours 11/16/2020 for Federal portion. Est. 1/4/21 for OR portion.
6. (Optional) Register for and complete Advanced Topics Education Credits Course Register on the CASH Oregon volunteer site.

Education Credits Course Syllabus

1-4 hours 10/26/20 – 11/19/20
7. (Optional) Register for and complete Advanced Topics We’ve Got a Tool for That! Course Register on the CASH Oregon volunteer site.

We’ve Got a Tool for That! Course Syllabus

8. (Optional) Register for and complete Tax Law & TaxSlayer Refresher course Register on the CASH Oregon volunteer site.

Refresher Course Syllabus

3 hours 10/31/20 – 12/19/20
9. (Required) Register for and complete Home Stretch course with your District Team Register on the CASH Oregon volunteer site.

Home Stretch Syllabus

4 hours 1/10/21 – 1/23/21



Google Meet Resources

Much of the training and support will involve Google Meet. These training videos and related material will help you with this resource.

PDF: Google Meet Training PDF

Video: Google Meet Training

Video: Google Meet Demonstration