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    Teri Anne Yamauchi

    Sorry to ask, I am wary of my ability to create a completely error free tax return without a quality reviewer double checking me. I’m just curious if we get it wrong, will we be unable to become tax preparers for tax year 2019? Thanks.


    Teri Anne,

    I understand that this might be a stressful adventure, but we are all here to help.
    Not getting the problem 100% correct is okay; we really want to see the efforts given into solving the tax return.
    The Proficiency Problem checker is available to help you know if “too high” or “too low”.
    You are welcome to email your Oregon class instructor (they are the person whom gets your checker sheet) to help you figure out or steer you to where you need to be; you also have tomorrow at the Problem/Test Lab, if you need to have personal help with these problems or the test book problems. Maybe we can see you there tomorrow?

    Teri Anne Yamauchi

    Thank you so much for responding, unfortunately I will be at work for almost exactly those hours. I’ll probably be working on these problems at work though (kind boss) and I will email my instructor if I need help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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