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    Sara Juveland

    Hi! I am a new tax preparation volunteer. I have signed up for Orientation on November 20th. Is there anything else I need to do right now? What are the other class schedules? Do I need to sign up for every one of those listed in the drop down in the upper right? I have a limited schedule so if I need to sign up for more things than the orientation, I want to know now so that I can plan ahead, and not wait until November 20th to find that out. I was under the impression we study materials and take a test? Is that online? I don’t know much about how it works. Thank you!

    Sara Juveland

    Also I have a question about AARP – I saw on the Learning Map for New Tax Preparer Volunteer it says to register to volunteer here at CASH Oregon, and to register at AARP. So I followed that link and registered as a volunteer over there too. Do I need to do anything else with AARP or will everything take place here via CASH Oregon? Thanks!

    Sara Juveland

    Hello? 🙂


    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for reaching out! You are heading in the right direction and we are going to go in depth on all of this at the Orientation. You can find the classes on the learning map. The two classes where attendance is required past the Orientation is Introduction to Tax Law and Prep AND Oregon Tax Law and Finishing the Return.

    The other classes attendance are not required – you can do the studying at home with the links associated in the learning map. We encourage folks to go to these classes as its helps solidify the concepts.

    The test is all online and is open book. You can do it at home or even attend a Problem and Test Lab for additional assistance. This is directly linked in the Learning map as well. Note – As of now the 2019 test is not ready. We anticipate this will be live very soon.
    You do not need to do anything more with AARP after you register. CASH houses all of the class infrastructure so you will be working within this system primarily.
    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    Thank you,


    Sara Juveland

    Thank you!


    Your Welcome. Woody

    Xiaoying Lee wei

    Hi, how can I cancel a registered class as I just found the time is conflict with my schedule. Thank you !


    Students are not able to cancel the classes themselves, but I’m happy to do that for you. Please send me an email and let me know which class it is and I can cancel it for you. We appreciate you letting us know so your spot can be opened up for another student!

    Andrea Dobson

    Sara Juveland

    Hello! I am studying for the exam but I only had my orientation a week ago, and the Oregon Tax Law/Finishing Filing class I am signed up for is Sunday (2 days away). I’m not sure if I will be able to finish studying all the material and pass the exam before then. How cricitical is it to have passed the Advanced exam *before* attending the Oregon Tax Law class? (I am very restricted in the times/locations I can take the classes so this is the only one I could sign up to attend.)



    Sara hello,

    We ask that you attempt to take the test before the Oregon class. Oregon Tax Law is all based on Federal Tax Law so we want to make sure you have your groundings before moving onto this next step. The exam can be an intimidating step for folks so please sign up for a Problem and Test Lab if you are looking for further help!

    Thank you,


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