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    Andreana Siu

    I noticed when I did the Teller practice problem that the Taxslayerpro practice lab is still using the 2018 number for medical expense itemized deduction (7.5% instead of 10%). That was why my numbers did not match the answer sheet posted online. My question now is if this would affect my advanced test answers? Or is there an updated version of Taxslayerpro that I am not accessing? Just want to make sure I will pass the test. Thank you.


    Hi Andreana,
    Please don’t shoot me. But in December, congress made some tax law changes. They moved the 10% back to 7.5% and a handful of other things.(I’ll email you a power point that describes all the changes.) While I have no way of checking how the test is graded, I’m told that the test answers now reflect the tax law as changed.

    I have no worries about you passing the test as diligent as you are. All you need is 80% and I’m guessing you will do much better than that. Feel free to check back as needed.

    Woody Richen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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